Information on Women Helping Battered Women

WHBW changed their name to Steps to End Domestic Violence in 2016 to more accurately describe their services to the community.

Formed in 1974, WHBW has evolved into the largest provider of domestic violence services in Vermont. As a result, Chittenden County is a safer community, fully invested in defending basic human rights for ALL individuals. In addition to providing emergency shelter and housing advocacy, WHBW offers 24-hour hotline services, legal advocacy, programs for children and many educational outreach programs. They believe that all people have the right to live without fear of abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, or financial.

About WHBW

THEIR PROMISE: To respect, empower and inform.

THEIR VISION: We strive for a future where WHBW partners seamlessly with the community, the criminal justice system, and social services to aid in the significant decline of all forms of domestic violence and abuse.  Community members do not tolerate abusive behavior and abusers are held fully accountable.

THEIR MISSION: To assist in the transition to a safe, independent life for all those who have been affected physically, sexually, emotionally, or economically by domestic abuse and to promote a culture that fosters justice, equity, and safety.

THEIR VALUES: Our core values and beliefs are integral to all that we do.

  • We value justice. We recognize that domestic violence is rooted in oppression and that all forms of oppression are interconnected. Therefore, in our struggle to end domestic violence we work to change institutions that covertly support the abuse of power between individuals and groups of people.
  • We value equality. We support the equitable distribution of power and privilege throughout society.
  • We value equitable distribution of resources. We recognize that poverty and lack of resources are major barriers to safety and autonomy, and therefore work to improve the economic opportunities available to all individuals in our community.
  • We value gender equality. We recognize all humans are oppressed by societal values of gender roles and we work toward the eradication of gender oppression.
  • We value self-determination. We work to expand the choices available to individuals who have experienced domestic violence, including religious freedom, reproductive choice, sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • We value safety. We work with our communities to protect the emotional, sexual, and physical safety of individuals who have experienced domestic abuse and to hold perpetrators responsible for their actions.
  • We value the varied perspectives of individuals who have been abused.  Their perspectives guide our work.
  • We value collaboration. We work to include our communities in taking a stand against domestic abuse nationally and internationally.
  • We value diversity. We work towards cultural competency and physical, interpersonal, and programmatic access to services and resources for all individuals who have experienced domestic abuse.
  • We value change. We believe an evolving, adaptable organization is key to serving our ever-changing community’s needs.
  • We value ourselves. We build a culture of self-care, mutual respect, and professional development allowing us to stand strong in service to our community, especially those individuals who have experienced domestic abuse.